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Fully Integrated Leadership

Dec 11, 2019

In this episode of the Fully Integrated Leadership podcast I interview Michael McElhenie.  Michael is the founder and managing partner of Metatropia, an organization committed to the "human side of organizational life" and helping leaders navigate change in a complex world.  Michael received his doctorate in Organizational, Clinical and Experimental Psychology from the University of North Texas, and his Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Psychology from the University of Florida. He is a practicing licensed psychologist, a PCC-level coach, and a graduate of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland’s Organizational Systems and Development program.

Michael and I talk about his lifelong pursuit of wisdom, how he aligns his work with his interests and passions, and how he helps organizations and governments deal with large-scale transformation in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world.  He shares his thoughts on the human brain and how his thinking about the brain has evolved from a fascination with the biological organ to now believing our brains exist in the space and energy around us.  He talks about the brain's need for validation and how we begin to overcome its more ancient habitual patterns.  

We then shift into how Michael and his team at Metatropia work with organizations to help them evolve (he prefers to say organizations evolve instead of transform).  How do you set the conditions where all views are welcomed and where people align around a common interest of learning?  How do you avoid the common pitfalls that we run into when trying to drive systems change?  All of this and more is covered in this interview.  

Michael has the rare ability to be confident about his point of view, based on his years of experience, while also deeply curious and creative in re-shaping his view given new information.  He is a provocative thinker and asks challenging questions that will reframe how you think about yourself, your organization, and the planet.

You can find out more about Michael and Metatropia at